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I'm thinking of writing a sort of front end program to a large chain of freeware tools for the purpose of automatically converting a group of video files (in any format you have the installed codecs for) into a fully authored DVD with CCE quality encodes.

I'm aware that there are many programs similar to this, but none that work like I want them to. The idea is that you select a group of video files, specify some basic options like trimming (to remove openings/endings), letterboxing (overscan compensation), filters (denoise, sharpen, reinterpolate) and encoding parameters, then press a magical button and bam 100% compatible DVD that would play in a toaster.

I know a lot of people despise one button software, but the difference is that rather than a do-it-all program it's really just glue for a chain of do-one-thing-perfect programs. So in theory, it should work great.

I would be coding it in C for both Linux and Windows based operating systems.