/a/ - Evangelion

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Like a /b/tard who has forsake sympathy
Rise up, pedo, and make consummate moot's daughter . . !

Blue cops
and colorful vans
are trying to open the door to your house
but you just ban avoid
and do not respond
you just sit there, staring intensely

Her eyes hold such innocence
she's blind to the fate that will soon come to pass
but she's summoning you with a gentle caress
you seek her without knowing why

But someday I know that an FBI agent
will shoot you and turn off the screen
the wings on her back
and her nanoha custom
are full fetish gear, you sick freak!

This cruel sentence
a loli hater's litany
will prevent you from reaching destiny
white hot cellmates
provided by the government

Stay true to /b/ and don't betray your memory!

Rise now, pedo, you must embrace reality
Rise up, Pedo, and become an hero!