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Code Geass R2 Staff Member Arrested

April 15, 2008 by larch

Seems the guilty party who has leaked the first the first 4 episodes of Code Geass two weeks ago onto the internet via Perfect Dark one of the biggest P2P networks in Japan has been found. And surprise surprise it is one of the production team member who are currently working on Code Geass R2. So due to this idiot’s actions we might not see episode three getting air this weekend. Supposedly there are a few alternatives to circumvents this issue. A. They air a shortened version of the episode four. OR B. Nothing at all this weekend while they remake episode three. OR C. Show nothing for two weeks till they can figure out what to do.

This is a bit annoying as I was expecting to watch episode three this week. But I can understand why they might want to change the story or plot direction in episode three. Since the leaked parts does have a huge impact on the overall story of Code Geass R2 and may affect the series later down the line.