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Rolo comes onto the roof and uses his geass, managing to restrict it to just Suzaku and giving Lelouch time to explain everything to Nunnally without Suzaku noticing. Nunnally however is clearly quite saddened by it all.

Lloyd brings Guilford a present, his own Vincent.

Kaguya and the Empress of China have a chat.

The Emperor calls V.V. "big brother". (No, I'm going WTF just a much as you are.)

Awesome aerial battles FTW. You know how the Guren was going to be upgraded from Nishiki to Kashoushiki? Well, it happened this episode. WHILE THE BATTLE WENT ON. And Kallen managed to kill the remaining 3 of the Glaston knights as well as destroy Guilford's Vincent (Guilford probably managed to eject and survive, though).

Lelouch manages to make it to Nunnally, but Nunnally just rejects him. Lelouch just gets down on his knees and cries.

Next Episode: Lelouch is rescued, but he cuts his ties to the Black Knights.