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So /a/. I got an idea.
We all can agree that power levels tend to screw up any shonen we choose to watch. But I think this might be because they always refuse to explain power levels and their applications in a way that makes sense. Power levels fluctuate based on whatever reasoning the writers come up with, and affect combat traits across the board, rather than just raw power, and all of this usually remains completely unexplained.

What if there was a series that fully embraced the concept of power levels, and had some sort of limitation or explanation of every phenomena that occurs in relation to power level fluctuations? I don't just mean someone claiming "It's an outlet of one's spirit" or something like that. I would like to see a studio find a way to explain how a human could store so much energy (Measured in joules) without overheating. I'd like to see an explanation as to why increased energy makes a character have better reaction time and defense, as well as physical strength, energy strength, and speed. I'd like to see character actually have a consistent and reliable way of increasing their power levels other than getting emotional and yelling. Or a good explanation why that works.

Could this idea make a good anime or manga?