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Amatsuki: Unoriginal, unlikable main character, flat secondary characters. Dropped.

Kanokon: Fanservice~ -_-; Dropped.

To Love-ru: Fanservice~ -_-; Dropped.

Vampire Knight: Character designs are likable, but stale. Plot is stale. OP is generic. ED could be better without shitty voice. Verge of dropping. The thin line that holds it: Vampires are coooooool.

Macross F: Urgh. No. Plot does not make any sense. Verge of dropping. Insert songs, OP, and ED all suck. The thin line that holds it: EPIC PLANES ARE EPIC.

Kurenai: Original. I hate little brats. Good animation. Will continue to watch, but meh. The line that holds it: No, it’s not the loli. She gets on my nerves. It’s the dispute mediator business thing.

Soul Eater: Love the animation and style. Flat, but likable characters. Music is great. Good OP. Great ED. Will continue to watch.

Druaga no To: LOL. MMORPGs ftw. Latest episode sucked. Keep the lulz, not the “great story.” GONZO!!!!! AWESOMEST OP OF TEH SEASON. ED sucks. The line that holds it: The allusions to MMORPGs.

Special A: Flat characters, predicatable plot. Crappy show. Dropped.

Code Geass: Fanservice~ -_-; Oh wait, it’s actually fun to watch. Shitty OP. Meh ED. The line that holds it: The rediculous plot twists + cheese-kun.

Ghost Hound: Still interesting. Great OP. Meh ED. Definitely continuing.