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Hello,... allow me to introduce myself my name is Philip Banks and i will die in exactly 10 days and 3.45 hours and so will all of you.
i come to you today because well i have heard of this place ''anon'' since i do not know your real names i will simply address you as such.
i am an ex government agent though it is not really important this is how i gained my information i am about to relay to you and the world,
i worked for the CIA i have been to Iraq, Iran ,Afghanistan, Korea ,Taiwan, Vietnam ,Cuba ,South
Africa and many other places of combat but for the moment that is not really important allow me to tell you what is
about to happen to the world the PRC have plans for a global attack on the entire world this will bring us back into the dark ages anyone that does survive the first onslaught will undoubtedly die from the fallout
produced by the second then in the next stage of the attack the PRC will send a number of ground troops into the major city's of the now uncivilized old world
among them New York city London Paris Rome and so on...during the final moments of the destruction of any sort of government the PRC will issue a unified broadcast to any television stations/radio stations/remote video upload services that are left intact
the broadcast will declare the formation of a new world under communist china any survivors of the attacks will be rounded up into groups and made to work to rebuild the new world some maybe lucky and rise in the ranks of the Indochinese deconstruction and secure a ''decent'' life
others will not be so lucky and will be sold as slaves or die my friends i suggest you all plan for the attack because it is indeed on its way you do not have to believe me you will see it with your own eyes goodbye and good luck.