Robotech, Macross which one?

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Wanting some closure from my childhood, i've decided to buy the complete Robotech series.

I've done a little research and discovered:

- Macross - Ultimate Collection (6 Disc Box Set)
Approx $60 AUD -
# Digitally Restored Masters
# Uncut Japanese Dialogue And Footage
# English Subtitles

Basically the complete Jp version with Jp audio - Eng subs.
Im not that much of a purist so while this looks good, im going to pass because I want to watch the show, not read subs.

So the only remaining choices are in the pic.

The 'Robotech Protoculture (Collection) (21 Dvd Set)' seems to include everything in the 'Robotech 20th Anniversary DVD Collection' so im going to get it today for around $140 AUD.

For fans of the series, is there a big difference between the pure Macross version and the Robotech version?