ef: A Tale of Memories

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Having run out of new anime, I went back and watched this 2007 porn game adaptation. The A story is a by-the-numbers love triangle romance. We've all seen it before and this version adds nothing new to the genre. The protagonist ignores the obvious best choice of dumping both candidates and hooks up exactly as expected.

The B story features disabled girl anterograde amnesia brain damage moe. Also cliched as hell, but I don't remember watching this specific disability before so it has the advantage. The characters are more likable in this arc, and the drama runs through to a plausible Good End with no major missteps.

What elevates this above the average porn game crap is the excellent art direction. The series makes good use of its limited budget with some adventurous and beautiful artwork. Some of the most memorable scenes succeed with almost no animation at all. If you've liked other Shaft productions I recommend you at least check out a few episodes. The music is also good, although not as striking as the artwork.

Rating: 7/10