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Why the hell is /a/ such an obnoxious, self-righteous shithole right now? Sure, /a/ was never good, but there was a time when you could actually discuss a show once in a while without some wannabe elitist faggot bringing up unimportant stuff like age demographics and using laughable stock arguments to justify the sagebombing of a half decent series and the subsequent, mindless praise of an overrated pile of crap.

Anyone who doesn't adhere to /a/'s idiotic hivemind is most likely a troll. Real seinen is rarely, if ever discussed here. You worship facepalm-inducing trainwrecks for superficial reasons like "IT ACTUALLY ENDS" and "[horrible, one-dimensional female stock character] IS HOT" while spouting moronic catchphrases. You can't tell the difference between skillful, likable character design and fappability. You think judging a show based on its fanbase is a great idea. You honestly think that anything even remotely original and creative from a visual perspective MUST be a pretentious, artfaggy shitfest on par with Eva. If you were truly fans of SEINEN RATED SERIES FOR ADULT OTAKUS SUCH AS YOURSELVES, the front page wouldn't be filled with fanservice crap and Code Geass at any given time. The only decent series that /a/ can generally agree on is Kaiji, but I'm pretty sure most of you secretly hate the art and wish Fukumoto suddenly replaced the entire cast with underage, large eyed schoolgirls. In short, you're completely tasteless. You have no right to criticize someone for enjoying a show that happens to be flawed in some way.

And for the love of shit, stop abusing the word "generic".

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