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>>To whomever that has been been noticing us with messages regarding how slowly we have been releasing Shugo Chara and calling us with nice words, please stop it. If you want to be a man, and not some scaredy-cat using a non-regged nickname and suddenly quitting, just PM us and we'll sort it out like people do and not retards. Just to let you know, this will not make Shugo Chara come out any faster, in fact it may be the opposite since we (or I anyway) have been disgusted with the recent happenings in the community which does not help in any way at all. There's no need to say that it is being worked on. We have our priorities, and nothing that you do will make it go any faster, it will only hinder us. So go do something more productive like the majority of people while waiting instead of acting like an idiot.

>>Same goes for other shows. There is absolutely no need to tell us that Reborn 81 is out, for example.

Okay, who was the asshole who did this?