Hell Yes New Golgo 13 Anime

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Hey man, I don't see any posts about this anime here. What the hell is wrong with you people? This series is filled with epic manliness and is totally freaking sweet lets discuss.

Top Reasons why Golgo 13 is uber Gar and ridiculously sweet

1. Always has a hard Dirty Harry look on his face. Even while hes banging a chick, taking a dump, or just reading the paper.
2. He can snipe people from freaking far away
3. Can make a chick get off during sex without even moving his body around.
4. Has a genius friend who knows how to upgrade the living crap out of his guns.
5. Is so freaking Gar that convicting him of murder is impossible cause it involves having to prove such a bad ass actually exists. That was actually an episode!