Canser Fetish

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It started
It took a twist

Now, Cancer Fetish!

I cup my hands around her breasts. They are soft and smooth. I gently kneed them around and around. I push harder with my hands and hear the squishing and churning of her lungs. I feel her quiver under the warmth of my hands and she lets out a sigh. I see a trickle of hazelnut liquid slide slowly down her cheek. She goes to wipe it off but i was to fast for her. After I clean her cheek i press my lips to hers, to better get a taste.

I can see it on her face that she wants more. I move away from her for just a moment to take off my shorts. She is surprised to see my girth but that look turns to longing. I position my self next to her and she takes control. She envelops my flesh with hers and starts to move. She caresses my sack with the slightest pressure. She works her tongue all around me. I see more tar run down her cheek to her neck. I become lost in the ecstasy of it and what should have lasted forever came to a close in what felt like seconds. I release my full load in to her unexpecting mouth, her eyes wide with shock. She tries to swallow but the dark brown mixture of tar and semen run out the sides of her mouth.