On Elfen Lied Manga

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Dear Citizens of /a/,

I have been scanslating the Elfen Lied manga on my own for the past year or so. I have managed to make it halfway through volume 05 (Nozomi has just been introduced). I found out that there is a group, OishiiManga, that is also scanslating Elfen Lied Manga, and they are now halfway through Volume 10.

Ordinarily I would have stopped and let OishiiManga carry on, but I found that their translations (at least in volumes 2 through 5) had many errors. If these errors were just minor grammatical or stylistic errors, misspellings, or mistranslation of techno-babble I would have let it slide. But, there were also more serious mistranslations which either change the plot or render the dialog all but incomprehensible.

I am going to post 14 examples of these errors, in a side-by-side comparison. In all cases, OishiiManga's scanslations are on the left, and mine are on the right. The first one is page 181 of volume 02.

I have two questions for you all:
1) Should I bother continuing to scanslate?
2) Should I attempt to upload these to the internet, and, if so, where would be a good place to do so?