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Welcome, 4 chan!

4chan is Japan's famous "FUTABA ☆ Channel" unofficial sister site to be established. Of course, FUTABA ☆乗っ取ろうChannel's position in Japan, but it does not have the same kind of a bulletin board group, said in English作りあげよう. Until the completion of only how long and steep, and so on, and I'm sure they have good cooperation in the cultural community can.

Anyone can feel free to participate in 4chan. However, this site is for each dispute, please stop. Everybody's fighting has only worsen the atmosphere. It protects you even if you please, please tell a friend. If the Japanese people to use English to welcome in the same way.

This site is still under construction, so incomplete, but please be patient. To improve the site's proposal to send his moot please, please.

Then, slowly, please enjoy it!