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Rebuild is obviously a sequel to the End of Eva.

Red stripe of blood on the mood, LCL ocean (keeping in mind LCL is red in rebuild), imprint of a mass production angel on the ground in the ruins, etc.

Not to mention, Kaoru seems to know of Shinji directly from birth. (As Kaoru is the bearer of Adam's soul, it's obvious that he remembers Shinji and the 3rd impact)

Why is it that Misato knows of Lilith being Lilith and not Adam now? Who knows.

Why is there a clone-type thing of Lilith on the moon?
Well if you remember from the End of Evangelion, Eva-01 is set afloat in outer space as "proof that the human race ever existed". It could have landed on the moon. Eva-01, being a clone of Lilith and not Adam, would look exactly like that AND would have those holes on it's arms and shoulders due to the attachment of protective armor of Eva-01.

Not to mention Lilith doesn't have a core, while MoonLilith obviously does. (the bump on the chest)

Furthermore, the chest has a big patch on it. Why? Because in the End of Eva, Eva-01 has it's chest ripped open in mid air right after Shinji sees Eva-02 lying dead on the floor.