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good morning /a/....

I'm still pretty sad. I received a note from the animesuki people telling me that i now no longer have any mathematical chance of making it to the sweet 16. i gave it my all but i am now out, but i am gracious in defeat. but i still have a request from all of you.

My sister Kagami is still running strong so please, since i can no longer make it, please support my sister my brave knights just like she did for me back during the Siemoe tournament after she was knocked out early.

And if you're not too busy please vote for me one last time. Even though i am out of the running i would still like to go out with a bang by beating one of the top seats Hinagiku Katsura.

This will be my final battle of the tournament. No chance of winning the war; surrounded by all sides and an army dwindling in numbers. It's only a matter of time before i fall but so help me God we are going to fight to the bitter end! ON TO GLORY AND TO VICTORY ONE LAST TIME!!!

Thank you and good luck.