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I took a look at my image save folder and I'm amazed at how much repeat images I've saved under all sorts of various filenames from /a/.

Given the high occurance of reposts, how do you guys manage your image save folders and also how do you weed out duplicates? I'm not talking about same image in 5 different wallpaper resolution, but the exact same image in the same resolution.

I couldn't find any tool for finding and pruning duplicate images so I sorta wrote my own up. If I was to release this, how would you want it to handle duplicates?
- Delete right off the bat without checking.
- Rename the file. (eg: 1148362869258.jpg.dupe or dupe-1148362869258.jpg)
- Do nothing. Just list them out.

If there's already a program like this, then disregard this, I suck cocks etc etc.