SPOILER QUESTIONS - Spirited Away By Demons

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Okay, I just finished this series and I have to say, VERY VERY nice ending. Even though it was a kind of a romantic nearly tragic end I still have some questions.

Rika-chan - The little blue haired girl was the priestess of Oyashima the god of the little town. And she was continually reseting the world of the town as everyone was killing each other because everyone suspected each other of crimes they commited and just plainly didn't believe in each other.

But, what made her do that exactly. At the end she said. "So thats how it is then, Okay, I'll play this game. I'll play this game of this endless June." As she was looking at the picture of the white haired girl who allways died in ever set up. What did she mean? Was she talking to Oyashima because he took the lives of those two people?

And another thing. What exactly DID happen to Satoshi? Is all they give you is that he "disapeared" and technically didn't die? Its so confusing. And another thing, several of the characters had instances where they felt there was two of them. When Keichi went to find the hole he dug it was put back and then the body he buried was gone when he tried to dig it back up? What happend both instances?

Also the two police who were looking for her said she was saw at a different location when she was right there in the dump? What is the deal with this? Gah *scratches his head profusely* I've never been this confused since the end of the first Ring movie.