Worthy Animes to watch

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After watching anime for awhile now, I think I've seen about 15 series or more. I don't watch them all that often, mostly because most are pretty much the same generic crap. You've got your generic giant robot anime, your girly comedy that's not even funny, your kiddy monster battles, your classic boring vampire ones, your super robot girl ones...

I also get my dad to watch a few of them, and he's really loving Death Note. Before that we saw...

-Cowboy Bebop, but he hated that one. The characters took too long to develop, and it was hard for him to really care about them, or the random missions in each ep.
-FullMetal Alchemist, win, but not as much as Death Note did.
-Trigun, badass. But didn't catch his attention with the random happy-go-lucky moments.

I'm looking for something epic that's not your average anime. I figure this would be one of the best places to ask advice from for finding another epic series to gorge over. Tell us what to watch next that would have 0% chance at failing.