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Dear /a/,

Since I was curious as to how big a pimp he actually was, I have made a chart tracking Makoto's pimpness over time. As you can see, although his maximum pimp level which he reaches in Episode 11 is extremely high, he actually has negative pimpness at the end of the series, brought about when a member of his harem decides to murder him.

A true Pimp of the Year can keep his harem under control, as well as fulfill the not-overly-difficult requirement of not getting "shanked". Therefore, while Makoto's pimpness initially burns bright and hot, it is quickly extinguished and turned into a black hole that ruins anyone he comes into contact with, i.e., Sekai and Kotonoha. If you want to make an astronomy analogy, Makoto is the Blue Supergiant star of pimps.

But he is, unfortunately, not eligible to be Pimp of the Year.

I hope that I have cleared up the misconceptions that Makoto's more devoted fans have made.