Lelouch Vs Suzaku

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Lets break it down.


Suzaku Betrayed his country and killed his father.

Lelouch Got kicked out of his country after his father had his mother killed and left his sister crippled and blind.

Who is more evil at this point?

Leaving out future cause and effect - Driving force

Susaku fights with the Tyrant to change the system from within.
Lelouch drives a rebellion to make a world where his sister will be safe.

Whos more evil now?

Personal Relationships

Lelouch has a cute sister that i want to cuddle and protect. He also has Pizza Butt for his girl friend.
Suzaku has a dead girl friend.

I think Lelouchs Driveing force is beautiful. To go threw this extreme. Placing his life on the line for his little sister. Organizing a rebellion, making sacrifices all for her. He doesn't care about the government. His biggest concern, even more then revenge against his father, is his sisters safety. Any armys left behind or soldiers that die mean zero if she is not safe. He is a hero. A Dark Knight fighting for a little ray of sunshine.

Suzaku wants to change Britannia from within. As pure as his intentions are, the man he serves is the spawn of Evil. We know less about Suzaku's true intentions then we do about Lelouch's. We do not know if at this point he is still on the straight and narrow or going off the deep end. What we see is all from Lelouch's perspective and that paints him in the same fashion as the King. His actions, from a non biased point of view, are good. Concerning Nunnally, further information is required. As far as Suzaku goes only time will tell us if he is a Hero or a Villain.