This is a picture of Rei cosplaying as a tree.

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Some may look at it and think, "LOL RANDUM! xD!" or anything to that extent. Let's face it: it's an amusing picture.

However, in this simple drawing, there is a far more deeper meaning, one that stems from the DEEP part of Eva. You see, according to Existentialist beliefs (which Eva heavily relies on), there are three main types of people in the issue of how you can handle a situation.

The types are the rock, the plant, and the man.

The rock is a person that with rarely do things on their own, often only acting when no other option is seen and avoiding the situation until then. The world flows around them, and will often just carry them along with enough force. This personality manifests itself in Shinji.

The man is a person that is eager and is willing to take a situation head on while thinking for themselves. They will often see themselves as the leaders. This is personality manifests itself in Asuka.

Then there is the plant. The plant is the person that only acts to conformity, rarely thinking for their self, acting always and only when told to act. Of course, this personality manifests in Rei.

So, in reality, it was not just a coincidence or RANDUM that Rei is cosplaying as a tree. It was a joke, and it had a punchline.