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Why is anonymous such a lazy bastard? Why don’t you ever see a nice doujin made by an American anon? and the worst part is that you can tell that some of you faggots have talent. Seriously, I’ve read some nice fappan fics posted here, and some of you even draw. But besides a handful of people working on some projects there’s really not much productivity here. What’s the matter? Is it too hard to give back to the community? Is it that hard to draw Tomoyo with her legs open? Is it that hard to write a few more fics about delicious lolirape?
In an attempt to promote a more productive mindset I propose that you post everything /a/ related that you have created. And I, as the drawfag that I am, will draw anything that anon requests, worksafe or not.
Also, post some fics and I might try to make one into a doujin in the next few days/weeks, as I’ll be free of work for the next few months.
PIC RELATED (it's a drawing I did a few months ago)