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Let's see if I have this correct:

Gintama is essentially the closest thing to an anime equivalent of The Simpsons

and Lucky Star is essentially the closest thing to an anime Family Guy?

Anyway, on the subject of Gintama. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful that someone's willing to sub the show in the first place.. but jesus christ, at like one episode a week (and sometimes even slower than that) those boys at Rumbel Subs sure like taking their sweet time.

Yeah it's just a bit frustrating that only recently subs for episode 56 came out and they've passed the 100 episode mark in Japan.

You'd think being a Shonen Jump title more than one fansub group would be working overtime or whatever to catch up to where Japan is ASAP.

Christ knows it's certainly more entertaining than Bleach, Naruto, and various other Shonen Jump titles that fansubbers put out episodes of practically the same day they've aired in Japan.

And yes, I have ADD. Thank you for noticing.