Did you lol as hard as I did?

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This is an actual exchange on animusuckisucki's forums:

Once again, that's an end user point of view. Matroska does have advantages even for simple xvid+mp3 files for encoders like use of vfr or easiness in quality check when using softsubs. And portability on hardware devices is something most anime encoders don't and shouldn't care for. Hardware devices are usually limited in features, even for ASP video: limit on number of b-frames allowed, q-pel or gmc support. Anime encoders should not be limited by the reduced feature set of hardware devices when they make those files, don't you agree ?

And I think there's something else wrong here: it's not the anime fans that make encodes and offer them for free that should obey your wishes, but the makers of hardware players that you pay money to.


"The end-users think my widget sucks. What's wrong with the end-users?"

Kind of along the same lines of a 45-year-old unmarried woman who says "Men think I'm unpleasant, bossy, and too much a pain in the ass to marry. What's wrong with men?"


MKV has sex with thousands of people each day, so why think about marriage? :-)