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>The Korean production company Eight Peaks announced on April 10 that it signed a joint production contract with Japan's Genome Entertainment to make a Captain Harlock film with an initial investment of US$10 million. Eight Peaks projects that the total production cost of the film will be in the US$100-million range, and that it will foot 20% of the bill. Eight Peaks CEO and director Won Ju-Han coordinated the agreement, and Hidemi Satani (Azumi, Armitage III, Cromartie High - The Movie) is producing from Genome's side. Eight Peaks is best known for the hit live-action comedy/drama series Princess Hours (Palace).

>Matsumoto told the Mainichi Shimbun paper that he knew about the announcement, but he was not directly and formally notified about it. Furthermore, he said that he did not give his consent. He added that he has received various proposals, including some overseas ones, for Harlock film adaptations, but this is the first time he has heard about the Korean plan. He said that since this is still premature, he is worried.