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Great fanfic or greatest fanfic?

"It was raining in Lost Noches. The Alancars gathered around a fire that Aize-sama had ordered someother Alancar to make tea over. The water came from the rain. Like tears. Coz there's no water in Lost Noches. "It's time" said Ulkira "for us to take the princess" "no" said Grimmjaw "i wanna have Aize-sama's tea instead" he said sarcastically. "shut up" said Tousen. he couldn't see da fire coz he was blind. It was sad really. Aize-sama was all "go get the princess coz only she can reform soul society". Ulkira nodded sadly. "Oh my god I have to waste tiem on da trash princess" "don't speak to Aize-sama dat way" said Tyousen. And then Gin giggled.

"I like the tea" said Gin."