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Rei leaned over and kissed Asuka firmly on the lips. Although
shocked at first, Asuka got lost in the sensation and soon she was
returning the kiss with all her heart. Their breasts were pressed
against each other and sweat dripped from their naked flesh.

Kensuke, Shinji, and Hikari all looked on, forgotten by the two
necking girls, who had actually moved beyond necking already. Hikari
looked away from the kissing couple and winked at Shinji. Shinji jumped
over to Hikari's side and quickly tore off her skirt, bra, and panties.
They kissed deeply, their tongues probing each other's mouths with a
passion usually reserved for porno movies, or the wet dreams of
14-year-old kids.

Kensuke just looked back and forth between the two groups. Asuka
had reversed position and was kissing a different pair of lips at
present. Kensuke's pants were straining at the seams. Shinji was naked
and... well... doing something to Hikari that Touji had yet to
experience. Touji had been lucky just to see what Shinji now had his
manhood embedded in.

Finally, just as Shinji shot his load into Hikari, Kensuke's pants
exploded and covered the room with a milky-white substance.

Kensuke awoke to a wet, hot feeling under his sheets. He rose and
wiped the sleep out of his eyes. "Wha... Oh, it was only a dream," he
mumbled. He lifted his sheet and sighed. <Have to wash my sheets before
school again.>