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so people hate lelouch because he's a betrayer, right? imagine, then, that upon realising he accidentally geassed euphie, lelouch tries to physically restrain her, failing which (because he's wealksauce) he gets dragged onstage, where euphie orders her soldiers to kill the elevens. if we continue with this fantasy where lelouch is suddenly a moralfag, we realise that the only way for him to save the elevens now is to reveal the power of his geass and admit to accidently using it on euphie, because what other excuse would britannian soldiers accept from zero himself? eventually, depending on how moral they are themselves, they'll either commit the massacre, or they won't (i wonder which...), and lelouch either gets captured or he escapes, with his greatest power now revealed to all. and then he can start a few episodes worth of emo guilt-tripping over what he did.

would you prefer a scenario such as this? lelouch is ruthless bastard who's not about to abort his plan because of one fuckup, no matter how huge it is and how bad he feels about it.