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Because I think this is an interesting enough subject to be forgotten in a silly tripfag discussion:

Writers for anime usually have no idea of what they're doing. I don't care if they use "proven-true" storytelling styles; they always use them in a very manipulative fashion and are a complete failure in their execution. The actual content is most probably something recycled from another media; I care first and foremost about flow and overall execution. I care about quality of writing rather than about the content of the writing.

With quality of the writing I mean flow and atmosphere, the rhythmical attributes of the dialogs and how coherent is the progress of the overall narrative. Being a good writer has nothing to do with your “plot twists” or your “revolutionary ideas in philosophy”; being a good writer is determined by your use of language and, in animation or film, visuals.

And yes, I'm the guy that posted yesterday the original thread about "feeling nothing" while watching anime.

Suicidal mouse unrelated.