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Hey, /a/, you knew that Gurren Lagann is one giant homage to Go Nagai's robotic animes?
(Getter Robot to be more specific)

Also, you knew that Devilman is Hideaki Anno's favourite manga, and he regards it as the work which mostly influcenced Evangelion? (as you can easily see from the ending)

With Mazinger Z, Go Nagai invented the giant robot genre (as in robots piloted from inside by GAR characters).
With harenchi gakuen, he created hentai. (quite mild for today standards)
With Cutey Honey, he created the ecchi subgenre of comedy.
With Devilman, he geared mangas towards a more adult audience, basically creating seinens.

So in the end, Go Nagai created almost all the stuff /a/ loves.

So, why it seems /a/ despises Go Nagai? Is it for the admittely ugly art? Or because its too old? What's the reason?

tl;dr /a/ should pay respect to this man.