Ten Reasons Veoh Shits on Bittorrent

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1. Much faster upload time, and no worrying about converting videos to play.
2. No messing with missing, mislabeled, corrupted, or virus-laden files.
3. No hunting for your show; with Veoh, it's all on demand.
4. It's impossible to be caught downloading illegally.
5. No being tricked into watching shitty anime; it's all right there in the comments and ratings.
6. Doesn't take up any space on your hard drive.
7. Doesn't require a super-fast connection to run.
8. No screwing around with "seeders," "leechers," and a bunch of other technical garbage.
9. Is easily available to share with friends and other fans through links.
10. Doesn't require any proprietary software to run, only Flash.

If you still think torrents are better, you must be some kind of masochist.