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Hello guys!!! MY name is Kathrine but most of my best friends call me Kat-chan. Or else I threaten them with DOOM! LOL. Anyways. I bought the Lucky*Star dvds and I totally thought Konata was cool and sweet! I used to think I was a lot like Tomo from Azumanga Daoh but now I know! Im Konachan!

My friends say I'm a lot like Konachan. We both stay up super super late and play MMORPGS and watch anime. I even have some hair that sticks out like her ahoge!! I'm not as short as her though... And I used to have a friend like Kagamean, but she turned out to be (gay) so my mom told me to stop hanging out with her.

Uguu~ We had soo much fun though. I wonder if my friend is watching Lucky*Star as I am right now! Maybe shes on /a/ too! Kagamean, your Konata has arrived!

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