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Sup /a/. Mind recommending me some anime that have prodigy / genius protagonists? Preferably the entire process of discovery to ownage, but if you could give me any at all, very grateful.

I kinda liked the PoT manga, but I also liked the fact Shiro was a specialist at that one thing he did in Fate/Stay Night. Any prodigy is good at all, and preferably a protagonist. Hate it when sied characters are your favorite characters. Rurouni Kenshin was okay too, although a little too old for my taste. Didn't like the 'child prodigy'-by name, but doesn't really do anything worth mentioning' concept Negima had, but recommend me whatever you think is good.

Pic related, sports prodigy in cycling, Over Drive. Anime blew though. But I still watched it.

Thanks in advance!