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Kururugi Suzaku, also known as the White Reaper, is a character from Code Geass. Easily manipulated, but ultimately an idealistically honorable man who thinks of himself as a people's hero, Suzaku holds to the unfortunate maxim that the ends justify the means. After his lover Euphemia died in the middle of a manipulative plot, he vowed never to fall victim to manipulation again. In a self-driven crusade to liberate Japan, Suzaku decided to use the art of manipulation himself in order to ascend to the throne. He kidnaps Nunally and forms alliances with the Emperor and Knights of Rounds, all the while intent on double-crossing them all. He intends on letting Zero and his Order of The Black Knights live so that they can weaken Britannian power. Suzaku ends up marrying the princess and becomes Emperor, and goes down in written history as a hero and the first Britannian emperor who has a foreign blood.