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So /a/.

It seems like you have a love-hate relationship with Shounen. The hate for it generally boils down to one of the following:
Power levels
Character design
Copy pasta plot.
So, how about we play a little game?
Let's create a Shounen.
First we'll need shounen-esq base plot to expand upon.

How about this.
We'll start out in a swords and sorcery type world. A girl is searching for her brother that was kidnapped by the ruling party (empire, goverment, ect) when she they where children. Her search has bought her to a prison where she believes he is being kept. She sneaks into the deepest part of the prison, to the maximum security cells. She eagerly releases the prisoner inside, but it's not her brother. Enter the main character. Since she let him out, he promises to help her find her brother.

Design some villains, and some party members.
Let's see what you can do.
Remember, it's all just a game. have fun with it.