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The group sent in advance have all disappeared from their camp.

The 12 division are called in to investigate by Hiyori.
All the 9th squad members from the camp seem to be dead.

Someone stabs Muguruma from behind.
Mashiro didn’t see anything because she was sleeping in the tent before the attack took place.

An emergency message is sent to each division captain in sereitei summoning them to an urgent meeting.

Kisuke heads to the scene shortly after hearing about it from Hiyori? The end.

The front page (colour) is young Ichimaru, Byakuya, Hisagi, Soi Fon, Mayuri and the names of Muguruma’s 9th division group are also mentioned.

There is even the young version of Akon and the girl with glasses.

Later, Urahara is putting a research konpaku into a human model/vessel, if the konpaku isn't destroyed when it's taken out, he'll be testing it in a new gigai.

There is a high possibility that the Vizards could enter a gigai like this (TN: not sure if it’s just the writer speculating or an actual line).

Kensei shows a tender side and fixes Mashiro’s scarf (?) while she sleeps.

While being stabbed Muguruma says “You...” and makes a face like he recognizes someone.