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Sup scrubs? GL is a piece of shit, and I'm going to take the time to explain why.
First of all, the graphics. The art style would be fine, not really my style, but fine, if there weren't so many fucking jaggies - and don't say "HURR GET A BETTER COMP", my comp is fine.. I can run it at mostly high settings. Go look at a rock in-game. Those graphics are shit. So are most of the textures. The art style, although I said it wasn't taking away from the game, is clearly designed to attract casuals, and people who are new to the FPS genre.. Which is a bad thing if you want to play against other skilled people.

Second, the gameplay: Medics are a huge problem. They make it too easy for whoever's getting healed.. The only things that can easily take them out are Spies and Snipers, but spies can easily be caught by a Pyro and prevented from killing both the Heavy and the Medic, and a sniper can be avoided easily due to the huge dot that they produce while zoomed in. The only calsses that require ANY skill, are the Scout and Pyro.
They don't require much skill - just a little. Every other class requires absolutely no skill.

Finally, the maps. All of them are utter shit. All of them. Why can't Valve make a good fucking map once in a while? Just look at Badlands. Worst fucking map ever. You can't even choose which gametype you want to play on most of them - the only ones that come to mind are CP maps, which can be converted to CTF.

So let's go watch some Ichigo Mashimaro instead, it's so much better - it requires more skill, it's faster paced, and is older than your mom. Post your PSN ID's. Mine, is of course, Nigba.