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/a/, while I know you still have to put up with the random Gokutards, I've actually seen more mature and decent arguments about DBZ pop up here. That said, I'm almost finished (again) with the Freeza arc, and after watching it for a third time, if I really must make a complaint, it's all the damn potential wasting on what they could of done with Gohan. Sure his develops quite a bit and even kicks Freeza around a couple times for kicks. But that's all it is, and watching the last battle before Goku rises from the dead for the umpteenth time, alll Gohan does is run away and then throws an attack that isn't bad, but it wasn't enough to cause Freeza to return back to his 100% state. Gohan gets stronger and even accomplishes a few Super Sayian states. But considering that since the beginning that he was actually one of the things that left us wondering how cool this show would end up being because he was beginning to unleash powers he had never shown before, don't you think he should have gotten more screen time then Goku ever deserved?