Spirited Away By Ogres

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Okay, this anime has offcially confused me. The first few episodes are rather hectic. The girls seem innocent and cute and it looks like it'll be just a boy growing up in a country town. But soon he starts learning the history and finds out about murders and strange deaths that happen every year and all he has to go on is that a curse is killing them. Then the girls start acting strange and start becoming deranged and psychopathic and try to kill him. Okay okay, I get all that and it makes sense but after the 4th episode the main character dies. And the series isn't even half over? ANd whats worse the 5th episode starts up like what happend never happend at all and come to find out that its a time line skip back to before he started finding out about any strange killings.

My question is, should I honestly keep watching this? Is there decent closure at the end or is this anime going to continue to screw with my mind o.o