Burn anime to DVD

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/a/ I'm going fucking nuts trying to figure out how to get my .mkv animu to burn to dvd properly, particularly using free programs. More frustrating is that I'm kind of new to this process so I don't really have any experience with this. I figured there'd be more documentation for burning anime, but I was sorely disappointed.

Anyway, for example, I'm trying to do Gundam 08th MS Team. I'm using the Queue for Encoding scripts, but for some reason only the first 2 episodes seemed to mux properly, the rest spat out seperate mv2 and ac3 files for the video and audio stream. I can't seem to find anything that'll mux these two together (for free). And from there, what I use to burn them to DVD. Preferably with a menu. Anybody been down this road can tell me and anybody else pulling out their hair trying to figure this out?