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Code Geass is exposed to intense criticism as vicious anti-U.S.A. animated cartoon in Japan.

Strangely, it is not mentioned in English version Wikipedia,

Undertaker SEIJI TAKEDA of Code Geass is an ardent believer of North Korea chief Kim Jong Il with a scholar of earnest anti-Americanism.

When he accuses that the United States of America is the nation which is atrocity at the world using a cartoon film and wants to grow

I talk in a Japanese cartoon film technical periodical every day.

Information of SEIJI TAKEDA is mentioned in Japanese edition Wikipedia in detail.

The animated cartoon fan of the United States of America which is a Japanese important ally

I hope that I notice intention of anti-U.S.A. A propaganda cartoon film Code Geass which North Korea believer planned.

Code Geass undertaker SEIJI TAKEDA Japanese edition Wikipedia Link