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Hi /a/. I haven't watched any anime in quite awhile. My most recent shows include Lucky Star, Gurren Lagann, Minami-ke & Okawari. I missed all of last season more or less. I'd like to get back into the viewing, but I've little idea of what's real good/enjoyable.

-I haven't seen season 1 of Code Geass, so no BRITANIA for me.
-I hear Pani Poni Dash is fuckin' hilarious, so I may check this out.
-Hayate the Combat Butler looks interesting as well.
-There's this show I've seen pics of that feature talking microbes. What's the name of it?
-The picture is also quite relevant to my interests. The name of that show too?

What have you seen recently, are you/have you enjoyed it and what do you like about it? In before newfag summer, newfag, slowpoke, etc.