shitty courses

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JAPN 1200 CR-3
Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture

Students who have an interest in Japan, but little or no background in Japanese studies, will gain a broad overview of contemporary Japanese society and culture. They will read, watch, listen to, discuss, and write about a variety of materials introducing topics such as Japan’s geography, history, customs and events, social structure, religion, family, demographics, regional cultures, minority groups and subcultures, politics, economy, sports, literature and arts.
NOTE: Students may earn credit for only one of JAPN 1200 and CUST 1200 as they are identical courses


man i saw posters of this, had ichigo from bleach and temples and typical jap pictures advertising this crapy course.

I look up to see how man suckers signed up, 9 / 36.

pic related since i'm at work.