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Gentlemen, I like VLC.

Gentlemen, I like VLC.

Gentlemen, I love VLC!

I like AVI, I like RMVB,

I like 120fps, I like interlacing,

I like rainbowing, I like the dot crawl, I like blocking.

I like the ringing, and I like tinny audio.

On a computer, a DVD player, a PS3, on a Mac, on an Archos.

I truly love each and every kind of artifact man can encode to a file.

I like the broken ASS support when even the simplest of lines fails to render correctly. When the translator's notes overlaps the main dialogue, it makes my heart dance!

I like when an encode displays like it is corrupted! It always left a warm feeling in my chest when they would check the CRC, only to find it is correct.

I like it when #darkhold encoders post on AnimeSuki and RAGE about the topic at hand. I recall how much it moved me, seeing how epic longposts were made, how they would shun the subject again and again, even though it wouldn't die. And it's painfully exciting when a leecher posts about how great it is in the same thread.

And how wonderful it is to have 120fps for a show that is a constant 23.976!

And that pitiful resistance, encoding to h264, despite it being harder on the CPU. I even remember when XviD had a 10:1 leecher ratio!

I like it when the MKV fanboys are thrown into chaos. And when the VFR feature they are supposed to be promoting is violated repeatedly... oh how very sad it is.

I like it when the detail and sharpness in HD encodes are crushed and obliterated! And them being filtered, smearing and ghosting and looking worse than a standard DVD.

Gentlemen, what I want is a low bitrate hell.

Gentlemen, my compatriots, leechers, you who abuse my XDCC bots... gentlemen, what do you desire? Do you also want eyecancer? Is a return to the age of VCDs what you want?

Do you yearn for a VHS encode that stretches the very limits of poor quality, the artifacts so intense that it makes Stevie Wonder cringe?

Very well then, we shall have VLC.