Attention Narutards and newcomers.

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Naruto was a good shonen that went downhill. Now stop talking about it. If you really want to support Naruto the best thing to do is stop talking about it for a few years. As of right now naruto has the following problems:

1.It's become mainstream. And by mainstream I'm not talking Lucky Star popular or Gurren Lagann popular. An average rerun of Naruto will receive more ratings then Code Geass, Bleach, One Piece and the rest of this season combined (and multiplied by 2). Naruto's ability to attract newcomers has made it the Halo equivalent of animu. /a/ being immature gets mad because their super secret cult show has become mainstream. Some argue that they don't want newcomers watching Naruto as their first show because it's quote unquote "shounen garbage." Well, I'll have to disagree with that seeing as Toonami which started back in 1997 was the program that attracted 95% of all American animu fandom. And most of Toonami's programs were indeed "shounen garbage."
2.Naruto went through a year long filler season. Now 90% of Naruto's fans who watched said filler season is feeling butthurt. I guess because most of Naruto's fanbase is next generation they missed out on Toonami's airing of Rurouni Kenshin. In the case of my generation, we learned that you're supposed to avoid the filler season like it's the plague.
3.Naruto's timeskip is the worst animated adaption in recent memory. Keep in mind that the people who suffered through a year of godawful filler was waiting for Naruto to get good again. Then came Shippuden. So I'm sure you can realize how butthurt they felt after going through a year of godawful fillers only to end up watching something that was arguably worst then the fillers.

It's amazing that Naruto even managed to make it this far. Let the hate die down so the nostalgia can get a chance to do some healing.