Code Geass' subs suck.

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What the fuck?

No seriously, what the fuck? I've seen bad subs in my time, but never before have I see one as absolutely boneheaded as gg's subs of Code Geass. The text is all over the place, there are emoticons like o_O all over the place, and most of all, the translation sucks.

"Order of the Black Knights"? Who came up with a shitty name like that? I've only been a fansubber for three months but even with my limited experience, I can call gg on this shitty translation. Anyone who's anyone in the fansub community knows the proper way to translate "Kuro no Kishi Dan" is "Kuro no Knight Brigade". Brigade is the *ONLY* correct translation in this context, why gg didn't follow a.f.k's precedent with Haruhi just tells me they're like a ragtag group of amateurs.

Here's the proof. I'm sorry in advance if the subs don't show up, I've been having a lot of trouble getting them onto the snapshots for Geass.