I don't like anime

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Humble greetings, /a/,
I don't particularly care for anime at all to be honest with you all. But I'm not here to debate why anime is awesome or why I should/shouldn't love it.
I'm here to ask you: what are some anime for people like myself who typically don't like the genre? What might our types like?
I've seen some Excel Saga and that was pretty funny except for the fact that the main characters' voice made me want to shoot myself in the head every time she spoke. I've also seen the first two episodes of Hellsing and that was -meeeh,- but still not quite my thing. 'Spirited Away' was pretty solid though, so in my case it's not that I'm against the art style or anything, it's just that I'm not super fond of the style of storytelling or the thematic elements.
So enlighten me /a/, what do you suggest?