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Self-confessed swimfag here. I've finally decided to broaden my horizons and go hunting for something actually worth watching in anime. I've only watched a few outside of [AS], but most of them were mediocre to god-fucking horrible. Haruhi was alright, but I have no fucking clue where the fanbase came from. Elfen Lied was fanservice-charged shit, Last Exile was alright, Fullmetal Panic was decent but forgettable, and any Shonen Jump shit save Death Note isn't worth my time.

So recommendations. I prefer dubs over anything since I would rather listen to bad VA than read while listening to someone I don't even understand; if I wanted to read I'd pick up manga. TV's meant for watching. Anything with a Cowboy Bebop feel would be nice.

tl;dr, give a swimfag better shit to watch. In before claims of shitty trolling attempts.